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Bytespring CMS
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Author: Jason Sheedy (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: January 3, 2010 4:15 PM
Version: 1.3.101
Views: 160,318
Downloads: 58,550
License: Apache License, Version 2


This is the project home page for bytespring CMS. It has been released as an open source project under the Apache 2 license. Please feel free to distribute it and modify it.

=== About Bytespring CMS ===

Bytespring CMS is a simple XML based content management system. It's not intended to be a full featured CMS, but a light weight and simple system for beginners.

It's features include, integrated page editing and image resizing, user account administration, image galleries, dynamic menu creation and editing, news headlines, theme based skinning and friendly URLs.

It has been tested under Windows and Linux and uses coldfusion 6.1 + and Abobe Flex.

I've written it to fill a niche for those small business sites I regularly get ask to build, but never seem to have the time to do.
I guess I was looking for a really simple system without too much clutter.

Some of the features under the hood include:

* MVC architecture using the modelglue framework
* XML and WDDX used for data persistence
* In memory caching for quick loading
* Native Java libraries for image resizing
* Fckeditor for inline wysiwyg editing
* Image Galleries
* Form processing
* File upload
* Friendly URL's

=== Installation ===

These installation notes describe how to install Bytespring CMS.
It's pretty straight forward, but if you run into any difficulty please email support@bytespring.com
It has been designed to run on coldfusion 6.1 and above on windows and linux servers. Mac has not been tested.

Note: The default admin login details.
username: Admin
password: Password1

1. Unzip the distribution package into the webroot of your website.
   This application will not run under a sub-directory of the web root.
2. Install coldspring and the modelglue framework

This distribution of bytesping CMS includes Coldspring v1.O and ModelGlue v2.0.304 and has only been tested with
these versions. It may be possible to use newer versions when they're released, but I can't guarantee it will work...
If you're not using modelglue or coldspring with any other applications, the best thing to do is to leave them inside
the bytespring cms directory structure. i.e. just unzip the distro and it should work straight away.

Alternatively, you can move the modelglue and coldspring frameworks out of the website root and create a mapping to
them in the coldfusion administrator. There's more info on configuring modelglue and coldspring here:

- http://www.model-glue.com/
- http://www.coldspringframework.org/

3. Give your application a unique name in /application.cfm

4. Create your the theme. (see below)

5. Customise the coldspring config "/config/ColdSpring.xml.cfm" with any site specific settings.

6. Test and upload the site to the live server.

7. Finished

=== Customising the theme ===

You can either create a new theme or customise one of the existing themes.

1. copy one of the themes from '/views/theme/mytheme/' to a '/views/theme/newtheme/'

2. modify the config.beans.constants 'ThemePath' property with the path to your new theme

3. Customise the theme files.
   Note: the theme styles are broken up into 3 separate files
   - MenuStyle.css .. the style for the menu
   - SystemStyle.css .. all the classes in this file are required by the app
   - ThemeStyle.css .. these styles are optional

3. re-initialise the app i.e. http://www.mydomain.com/index.cfm?init=true

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Issue Tracker:

9 Recursive Menus Open 05/08/09 7:15 PM
8 Railo 3 Compatibility Open 05/08/09 7:14 PM
7 Open BlueDragon compatibility - structure key starts with a number Open 04/05/09 1:58 PM
6 Railo compatibility - issue with event names Open 04/05/09 12:51 PM
4 Case Sensitive Paths for Unix Fixed 04/06/08 12:40 AM

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