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Bytespring CMS Issue: Railo 3 Compatibility

Name: Railo 3 Compatibility
ID: 8
Project: Bytespring CMS
Type: Enhancement
Area: Administration
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Julian Warren
Created: 05/08/09 7:14 PM
Updated: 05/08/09 7:14 PM
Description: For this of you that wish to use this cms under Railo there are a couple of simple issues ti fix:

1. Railo does not like dots in variabel names. Its pretty fussy about scope so you will need to do a global search and replace for everything that starts uppercae XE. and change to XE_
i.e. Change XE.update to XE_update

2. The variable name url is used in GalleryController.cfc. This is a reserved word in Railo and changes scope. In function uploadImage change var url=": to var myURL=""; and alter references just before the end of the function ro reflect this change.
History: Created by tazzydemon (Julian Warren) : 05/08/09 7:14 PM

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