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Bytespring CMS Issue: Railo compatibility - issue with event names

Name: Railo compatibility - issue with event names
ID: 6
Project: Bytespring CMS
Type: Enhancement
Area: Administration
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Ryan Stille
Created: 04/05/09 12:47 PM
Updated: 04/05/09 12:51 PM
Description: When trying to run ByteSpring under the Railo CFML engine, I get this error from many places in the code:

key [XE] doesn't exist in struct

This happens from code like this:

Here, the structure key is named "XE.pgeEdit", but this statement could also be referencing a key named "pgeEdit" in a structure named XE inside the vs structure.

Periods should not be used as keys since keys can be used in dot notation. I suggest removing the periods or changing the code to:
History: Created by stillnet (Ryan Stille) : 04/05/09 12:47 PM

Comment by stillnet (Ryan Stille) : 04/05/09 12:51 PM
I see I can't edit an issue after adding it - I probably should have set the priority to high since this problem completely prevents bytespring from being run on railo.

I think the problem can be fixed using a search and replace regular expression. Something like

Search: #vs.XE\.\(.*\)#
Replace: #vs["XE.\1"])# (this will very depending on what tool you are using)

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